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Technically Reliable Solutions

Interface offers nearly 60 different gasket materials, encompassing a wide range of performance capabilities, price points and intended uses. Committed to quality, all Interface processes and products are audited and meet the quality standards of leading customer programs worldwide. Our thorough design and validation processes include rigorous performance testing and every material shipment is lab-certified. Product and application engineers complete thousands of hours of functional testing validating material performance and long-term durability, resulting in robust solutions that satisfy the most stringent requirements. Interface helps customers meet global requirements for cost reduction, performance improvement and certainty of operation.

Detailed product information and specifications.

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The Application Engineering staff is highly trained in the use of these tools, and will gladly assist with the selection of the best gasket material for your application. Please complete the Contact Form by entering the appropriate information to best describe your application. A response can be expected 48 hours after submission.


A unique, high performance set of materials, known as the Value Grade line, give fabricator partners and end-users business advantages through superior performance, reduced lead times, assured availability, fast delivery and custom testing for specific applications.


EnCore Combined Gasket Materials incorporate perforated or expanded metal, either as a core or facing. These products are intended for high temperature and/or dynamically stressed applications in automotive, heavy duty diesel, marine, small engine, industrial and in high performance racing applications.


This broad line includes general purpose grades, a series of cylinder head facing materials for combining on metal core, products such as transmission valve body gaskets, hermetic compressor valve plate gaskets, exhaust gaskets, and more.


The Standard Sheet Goods line consists of several high quality, 100% Solvent-free, Hydro-FusedĀ® gasket sheet materials. These materials are generally specified for heavy duty and industrial sealing applications that require thick, homogenous materials such as 1.5 to 3.2mm gauges, for applications where sheet goods are preffered over rolls for yield improvement, or for gaskets that better fit into these larger sheet sizes versus our standard 40" (1.016 meter) wide roll goods.