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Specification Data Sheet
Syntheseal®/Nonasbestos Gasket Material
N-8090 has a latent cure nitrile butadiene rubber binder and reinforced cellulose fiber. It has excellent oil resistance, good sealing characteristics, and is intended for applications with short duration maximum temperatures up to 180oC (350oF). N-8090 has UL component recognition.
Property: Specification: Method:
Density, g/cc(lb/cu.ft) 1.28 (80) (min.) ASTM F 1315
Compressibility, % (at 34.5MPa) 15 - 25 ASTM F 36
Recovery, % 35 (min.) ASTM F 36
Tensile Strength, AMD, MPa(psi) 13.79 (2000) (min.) ASTM F 152
Fluid Resistance, IRM903 Oil ASTM F 146
Change in Tensile Strength, %
45 (max.)
Change in Thickness, %
30 (max.)
Change in Compressibility, %
50 (max.)
Fluid Resistance, Fuel B ASTM F 146
Change in Thickness, %
20 (max.)
Change in Weight, %
30 (max.)
Binder Type Nitrile Butadiene
Remarks and Related Documents:
Specification values determined by the test methods required for ASTM F-104, Type 7 materials.

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